Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Noelle Six

Staring up at the enormous glowing castle before her Gemma tried not to laugh, this had to be a joke. Sure she was meeting one of the most influential vampires in their nation but this was just cliche. Of course Fall's latest job had meant her traveling to Bridgeport to rub elbows with Beau Merrick.

She sighed to herself and pushed herself forward toward the doors fully expecting a Dracula wannabe behind the doors. She knocked softly and held her breath. The man that opened the door wasn't what she was expecting. He was fairly normal looking and she couldn't help but appreciate his looks. 
"You must be Gemma." He said in a deep yet mesmerizing voice.
"Um... yeah that's me." She said awkwardly. 
"I'm Rohan, my father has been expecting you..." He said looking her up and down she ignored the tingling sensation that ran through her as he stared. "Unfortunately some business has called him away for the time being so you'll have to meet with my mother." He finally finished. 

"Gemma this is my mother Evelyn." He said after leading her into an equally cliche sitting room. The woman in front of her wasn't what she had expected for the wife of Beau. Sure she had the right look with her dark get-up but there was a certain air of kindness around her that, from everything she'd been told about the Merrick family didn't possess.
"I see you finally made it. How was your trip?" She asked in a smooth voice.

" it was good." Gemma stumbled taken aback by the pleasantries. 
"Well as I am sure Rohan has told you Beau is out for the evening but he will be back in a couple of days to meet with you." She smiled. "In the meantime Rohan will keep you company and show you around town." Looking over at Rohan she couldn't tell if he is annoyed by this news or not but deciding that getting close to the son would impress her father she decided to take the offer.
"That'd be lovely." She smiled. Not to mention budding up to Rohan may help her practice for Duncon. 

"Here's your room." Rohan told her as he led her into a green lite room.
"No red huh?" She chuckled. 
"One of the only rooms that's not actually." He sighed. "Well I have a party to make an appearance at tomorrow night if you'd like to join me?"
"Sounds like a good time."
"I wouldn't expect much its my sister's mothers party and she's quite a bore. But father likes an eye kept on her so I have to drop in from time to time."
"Poor you." She said tilting her head.
"Indeed." He smiled. "Have a good night Gemma." 

It turned out he hadn't lied about the party after all. They had spent the day together exploring the town and having lunch at the bistro before heading to Bianca's house party which turned out to be two other people and her roommates. Gemma didn't care though Rohan was great company and they had a lot in common so they got along fantastically. 
"Want to get out of here?" He asked finding her on the couch.

After some club hopping they finally found themselves a good spot at the grind and spent some time dancing and flirting. Gemma was surprised by the amount of butterflies she was getting and chose to believe they were from the drinks they'd had earlier that night and not that she actually liked Rohan.

It was well into the night when Gemma  found herself in his arms being kissed like nothing she had ever experienced. She ignored the nagging voices in the back of her head telling her to be careful and guard her heart as she agreed to head back to the castle with him.


Well... I don't hate it. I know I didn't really get into what Gemma is doing in Bridgeport but that comes when she meets Beau which will happen next chapter. Also this is only a few days after Noelle's trip to Bridgeport so don't be surprised if you see someone you recognize soon ;). Speaking of Noelle... these next couple chapters will probably be a bit Gemma heavy but I promise I haven't forgotten her! In fact this all will have some interesting developments for her. Anyways that's all for now. I will be trying to update weekly but sometimes motivation hits for my other projects before this one. :'/ I have plans though!!! 

Speaking of other projects I have started blogging yet another legacy... this one isn't a random legacy however its just a regular ten gen for fun. If you are interested you can find it here. As always thanks for reading =) 

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