Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Noelle Six

Staring up at the enormous glowing castle before her Gemma tried not to laugh, this had to be a joke. Sure she was meeting one of the most influential vampires in their nation but this was just cliche. Of course Fall's latest job had meant her traveling to Bridgeport to rub elbows with Beau Merrick.

She sighed to herself and pushed herself forward toward the doors fully expecting a Dracula wannabe behind the doors. She knocked softly and held her breath. The man that opened the door wasn't what she was expecting. He was fairly normal looking and she couldn't help but appreciate his looks. 
"You must be Gemma." He said in a deep yet mesmerizing voice.
"Um... yeah that's me." She said awkwardly. 
"I'm Rohan, my father has been expecting you..." He said looking her up and down she ignored the tingling sensation that ran through her as he stared. "Unfortunately some business has called him away for the time being so you'll have to meet with my mother." He finally finished. 

"Gemma this is my mother Evelyn." He said after leading her into an equally cliche sitting room. The woman in front of her wasn't what she had expected for the wife of Beau. Sure she had the right look with her dark get-up but there was a certain air of kindness around her that, from everything she'd been told about the Merrick family didn't possess.
"I see you finally made it. How was your trip?" She asked in a smooth voice.

" it was good." Gemma stumbled taken aback by the pleasantries. 
"Well as I am sure Rohan has told you Beau is out for the evening but he will be back in a couple of days to meet with you." She smiled. "In the meantime Rohan will keep you company and show you around town." Looking over at Rohan she couldn't tell if he is annoyed by this news or not but deciding that getting close to the son would impress her father she decided to take the offer.
"That'd be lovely." She smiled. Not to mention budding up to Rohan may help her practice for Duncon. 

"Here's your room." Rohan told her as he led her into a green lite room.
"No red huh?" She chuckled. 
"One of the only rooms that's not actually." He sighed. "Well I have a party to make an appearance at tomorrow night if you'd like to join me?"
"Sounds like a good time."
"I wouldn't expect much its my sister's mothers party and she's quite a bore. But father likes an eye kept on her so I have to drop in from time to time."
"Poor you." She said tilting her head.
"Indeed." He smiled. "Have a good night Gemma." 

It turned out he hadn't lied about the party after all. They had spent the day together exploring the town and having lunch at the bistro before heading to Bianca's house party which turned out to be two other people and her roommates. Gemma didn't care though Rohan was great company and they had a lot in common so they got along fantastically. 
"Want to get out of here?" He asked finding her on the couch.

After some club hopping they finally found themselves a good spot at the grind and spent some time dancing and flirting. Gemma was surprised by the amount of butterflies she was getting and chose to believe they were from the drinks they'd had earlier that night and not that she actually liked Rohan.

It was well into the night when Gemma  found herself in his arms being kissed like nothing she had ever experienced. She ignored the nagging voices in the back of her head telling her to be careful and guard her heart as she agreed to head back to the castle with him.


Well... I don't hate it. I know I didn't really get into what Gemma is doing in Bridgeport but that comes when she meets Beau which will happen next chapter. Also this is only a few days after Noelle's trip to Bridgeport so don't be surprised if you see someone you recognize soon ;). Speaking of Noelle... these next couple chapters will probably be a bit Gemma heavy but I promise I haven't forgotten her! In fact this all will have some interesting developments for her. Anyways that's all for now. I will be trying to update weekly but sometimes motivation hits for my other projects before this one. :'/ I have plans though!!! 

Speaking of other projects I have started blogging yet another legacy... this one isn't a random legacy however its just a regular ten gen for fun. If you are interested you can find it here. As always thanks for reading =) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Noelle: Five

Even though barely a toddler Shane was already showing signs that he'd be using cuteness to his advantage. Adrianna rolled her eyes as she scooped him up and changed him into his pjs. "Your momma is gonna have a real ladies man on her hands isn't she?" She asked him with a chuckle.
"Momma home?" He asked hopefully.
"No kiddo Momma will be home in a few hours but you and your brother will be sleeping by then." At least she could hope they'd both be asleep. These days it seemed like when one would finally doze off the other would be fussing. 

"Well how is the assignment?" Fall asked skipping right to business as usual. It was becoming more and more obvious to Gemma that their days of family bonding were over and their relationship was simply business. Of course as a girl who thirsted for fatherly affection she had been pushing those realizations to the back of her mind but they were only getting louder these days. 
"It's going well I've only met up with him a couple of times but we have a solid friendship building." She said and couldn't help but notice the dissatisfied look that crossed his features.

"Maybe I should have been more clear with my directions. I don't want you to just be his friend Gemma I need him to fall for you once he does that he'll trust you completely and he will be in the palm of my hand."
"You want me to date him?" She asked a bit shocked. Although when she thought about it a request like this really shouldn't surprise her. 
"Yes." He said simply like it was the easiest thing in the world. 
"You know I have a boyfriend..."
"Yes that mortal boy... keep him or toss him to the side I don't care just get close to Mr. Frye." Gemma jammed this latest statement to the back of her mind with all the others and nodded her agreement.

"Now we need to talk about your... look..." He sighed looking her up and down. She frowned at him now she had to change her looks to please him? "Oh don't look at me like that. You still dress like you are fresh out of high school and if you are going to bed the next mayor you have to grow up a bit."
"BED HIM?" She choked.
"How else will he fall for you?" He asked simply and she fought the urge to punch him. 

"Anyway I have friend at the salon who will take care of you." He said with an air of finality. 
"Ok." She agreed knowing there was no getting around it.
"Now I have other business to discuss with you regarding another job." Abrupt subject changes were always his strong suit she shook her head and pulled out the chair behind her.

The last thing Noelle had done before leaving Bridgeport was chop off her hair. She still wasn't sure what had possessed her into a drastic change but she loved her new look and couldn't help but stare at herself while pulling out her pjs.

"Well I see I wasn't the only one feeling a change today." Gemma called out from the doorway as Noelle jumped on the bed. 
"Look at you hot momma." She said with a long yawn.
"Now now Elle the only hot Momma here is you." She teased. 
"Oh come now you know your jealous." Noelle teased back.
"They are quite adorable but I don't think I'm ready for diapers just yet." She laughed and sauntered across the room plopping down on the bed. 

"So how was Bridgeport?" 
"It was...fine." Noelle frowned. 
"Fine? All that time with Jude and it was just fine?" Gemma raised an eyebrow.
"I spent more time with Boyce then Jude." 
"Boyce?" Gemma question getting an involuntary image from her sister's mind, whoever he was Noelle thought he was hot.
"He's Paisly's brother." She said failing to sound nonchalant.
"I see. So why did you spend so much time with him?" Noelle went on to detail her trip and how Jude was constantly accosted by fans and ignoring her.

Once she was done recounting the story she sighed and laid back and Gemma followed suit a moment later. "Well I don't know what to tell you hun, maybe it will be better when the tour is over and he comes home." She told her after thinking for a bit.
"And if not?"
"Then dump his ass you don't need him." Gemma said without skipping a beat. "And if that's not enough I can always make him disappear." She added with a wink and they both burst into laughter.
"Hopefully it wont come to that."



Its back!! So I have finally got my save back... however it did come with a few minor issues. For starters I apparently didn't create a back up of the save after the boys aged into toddlers so they are technically still babies in my game. Then there was the missing CC which really wasn't all that bad just a few missing hairs and outfits so Noelle got a hair cut. (Gemma's makeover was story driven since I still had all her cc.) The only problem that was really annoying was that I completely lost Boyce, Paisly, and Duncon and since I cannot continue on my storyline without them I had to remake them so when they appear in next chapter they may look different (although given that they were barely seen I am hoping it wont be noticable). Anyway this update is a little lacking the flair I wanted to give it but getting back into the swing of this legacy may take me a bit so please bare with me. =)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Okay so here's the deal, I haven't abandoned this legacy however I do not currently have it on my computer since my lovely husband in an attempt to give me a better hard drive removed my old one with all of my saves without telling me. I'm not sure when I will be able to get the files back but I am hoping it will be relatively soon. In the meantime I have started another legacy since I felt like doing a challenge. You can find it here. So assuming I still have readers I hope to see you over there =)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Noelle: Four

"I just don't understand what the problem is it's been two weeks since his last visit and he's called once and didn't even ask to talk to the boys." Noelle sighed staring down at her food. 

"Well they are only toddlers..." Paisly laughed and Noelle glared at her. "I'm just kidding." She held her hands up defensively. "But still he is touring I'm sure he's just distracted." 

"Too distracted for his family?" 

"I don't know Noelle..." She shrugged. "Have you tried talking to him about it?"

"Only every time I get a chance to talk to him. He just changes the subject." She frowned.

"Well then corner him when you're in Bridgeport."She suggested.

"Not a bad idea." Noelle smiled. She was glad she'd managed to finally make a friend at work especially with Gemma so distracted lately. 

"Now on to my problems!" Paisly said with a laugh. "My brother... after this whole mess with leaving the tour has up and decided he's moving in with me!" 

"Why doesn't he just go stay with your parents?"

"He may be a pain but I wouldn't wish living with my mother on anyone." She said seriously. 

"So really you're doing this to yourself." Noelle laughed.

"There is no room for that here Missy just let me complain!" She shrieked. "By the way thanks for agreeing to drive him home the bus money would have seriously killed my wallet." She smiled sweetly.

"I'm happy for the excuse to go out there every time I've brought it up in the past I got shot down." 

"Seriously talk to that man." She shook her head. 


"Gamma up! Up!!!" Shane whined as Adrianna walked into the den. 

"Is that how we ask?"Adrianna asked him sternly and he frowned.

"No." The toddler wrinkled his nose in thought. "Peaze?" He tried and Adrianna scooped him up with a laugh. 

"Were you a well behaved little boy for the sitter?" She asked him.
"Uh-huh." He nodded excitedly. Somehow Adrianna doubted that he or his brother had managed to do anything but terrorize the poor baby sitter but she didn't call him on it. As much as a handful as they were the boys had her wrapped around their little fingers. 

"Has your auntie been home yet?" She asked him and he shook his head. She sighed Gemma had been out of the house so much lately and it wasn't sitting well on her mind. The girl had always been into trouble but at least she'd been around. Now with her almost never home Adrianna couldn't help but worry she was getting into bigger trouble then her usual. 

"Well why don't we go make some dinner and then we'll watch a movie with Mommy since she has her trip tomorrow."


The buildings of Bridgeport glared down ominously at Noelle, she knew she should be excited but all she could manage was nervous. She tapped her foot waiting as her taxi finally pulled up and she stepped in. 
"This is it." The driver said stopping in front of a tall building. She climbed out and walked into the lobby hesitantly. 

"Stop it." She told herself. "You should be excited!" 
"Noelle?" She spun around to see an unfamiliar man.
"Yes?" She replied giving him a questioning look.
"Sorry lucky guess." He smiled. "I've been told a lot about you. I'm Boyce... Paisly's brother." 
"OH!" She smiled. 
"I can show you up if you like?" 

"Thanks." She said following him into the elevator.
"I hear you're quitting." 
"Yeah this is my last show."
"Why would you want to leave?" She asked.
"I wasn't built for" He said after a long silence.

 "Here we are." The elevator doors opened and he walked forward to the closest door ushering her inside. "Guys company." He called loudly. 
"Noelle." Jude said coming around the corner a moment later with a smile. "You made it." He pulled her into a hug and she saw Boyce walk off into another room.

"Hey Jude see ya later man." Another guy said as he walked passed them with a woman hanging off his arm.
"Alright man." Jude called. "That was Blaze."
"Oh the new drummer." Noelle nodded. 
"So you hungry? I know a great place for a bite."

"Is it always like this?" Noelle asked leaning on her leg and looking over at Boyce. Jude was once again signing autographs and posing for pictures. They had gone to some fancy restaurant to eat where she spent the whole time staring at her food while Jude was bombarded with fans then instead of going back to the privacy of his suite he'd drug her out to a night club to meet up with the rest of the guys. 
"Sometimes it's worse." Boyce said with a laugh. "Not having fun?"
"I thought I'd be spending time with him..." She sighed. 
"I'm sure he'll be back soon." He said not sounding all that sincere. 
"He better be." She groaned.
"Am I such horrible company?" Boyce asked pretending to be upset.
"According to your sister." 
"As if Paisly is great company..." He rolled his eyes. 
"Paisly is fantastic company I'll have you know."
"Ah you haven't known her long enough give it a few more days." He took a drink. "Wanna dance?" 

"Jude should be back soon..." He cocked an eyebrow at her and held out a hand. "Yeah ok." She said taking his hand and following him to the dance floor. 

The pair danced until the club shut down and Jude finally made an appearance to cart Noelle back to the hotel.

"I'm sorry about all the drama today Elle." Jude said stroking her cheek when they finally made it back to his suite.
"It's OK Boyce kept me company." She shrugged.
"Yeah I noticed." He said with a slight edge in his voice.
"Don't be that guy Jude." She warned.

"What? I just thought he was a little too friendly."
"Oh really? You could tell his amount of friendliness from across the bar?"
"I said I was sorry."
"I'm sure you're sorry... like you had no clue you would be bombarded with paparazzi... Boyce said its like that everywhere you go."
"OH he told you that did he?"

"You are such a guy of course that is the only part you choose to hear! I bet you took me out like that on purpose so you didn't actually have to have a conversation with me." She accused realizing it was probably the truth.
"Noelle, that isn't true..." He said calmly.

"Isn't it? I mean I practically had to force you to let me come out for a visit and heaven forbid I bring up our children..." 
"It's just been crazy out here..." He groaned. "I'm so busy and tired and I can't focus on anything but work." Even though Noelle knew they were hollow excuses she felt herself letting him off the hook. "I'm sorry babe... I love you."

"I love you too." She said letting herself fall into his arms ignoring the nagging feeling in the back of her mind telling her something wasn't right.

a/n: So... its not exactly how I wanted it but I could not get them to do what I wanted in Brideport!! It was so frustrating. No Gemma in this one but she'll be making an appearance next chapter and the twins as well. The twins are actually running poor Adrianna ragged since she insists on sleeping in the rocking chair in their room instead of her bed... making her the first one to respond to their needs.